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अभिगम क्रियावली
अभिगम यंत्रावली
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
mechanism:    क्रियाविधि तंत्र
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  1. In non-beacon-enabled networks, an unspotted CSMA / CA channel access mechanism is used.
  2. CAC layer provides hierarchical independence with Elimination-Yield Non-Preemptive Multiple Access mechanism ( EY-NPMA ).
  3. It is called Enhanced Configuration Access Mechanism ( ECAM ).
  4. It seemed a very honorable aspiration and revolted us that society does not give us access mechanisms.
  5. Most commonly used in connection with ODBC, DSNs also exist for JDBC and for other data access mechanisms.
  6. By the end of the 20th century, two-year community colleges were playing important roles in higher education as access mechanisms.
  7. The alternating-access mechanism thought to underlie the transport of most MFS transport is classically described as the " rocker-switch " mechanism.
  8. Access to information is established by the Constitution, and individual access mechanisms are detailed by a 1999 amendment to the Administrative Procedure Code.
  9. Both CaiT structures (, ) show the fully open, inward-facing conformation, and thus complete the set of functional states that describe the alternating access mechanism.
  10. It employs hardware transactional memory ( HTM ) which was originally proposed as a speculative memory access mechanism to boost the performance of multi-threaded applications.
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