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  1. Gain is inversely proportional to the antenna's acceptance angle.
  2. This feed in incidence angle is the ( half ) acceptance angle:
  3. The acceptance angle of the device is 2 " ? ".
  4. Different acceptance angles may then be determined for parallel rays or for sunlight.
  5. Skyline's acceptance angle is 1.3?of azimuth and ?60?of elevation.
  6. Because it is a medium concentration system, the Skyline X14 System has a wide acceptance angle.
  7. In the general case, the acceptance angle in one direction may be different from the other.
  8. where \ theta is the half-angle of the acceptance angle ( of the larger aperture ).
  9. The higher the CAP, the closer the concentrator is to the maximum possible in concentration and acceptance angle.
  10. Note that when this definition is used, the connection between the NA and the acceptance angle of the fiber becomes only an approximation.

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