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स्वीकार्य गुणवत्ता स्तर
acceptable:    प्रतिग्राह्य
quality:    श्रेष्ठ पद
quality level:    गुणता स्तर quality
level:    सापेक्षिक स्तर
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  1. The choice of tolerances is also affected by the intended statistical sampling plan and its characteristics such as the Acceptable Quality Level.
  2. An acceptable quality level is a test and / or inspection standard that prescribes the range of the number of defective components that is considered acceptable when random sampling those components during an inspection.
  3. In a quality control procedure, a process is said to be at an acceptable quality level if the appropriate statistic used to construct a control chart does not fall outside the bounds of the acceptable quality limits.
  4. In 1961, the Martin Company's Orlando Florida facility embarked on an effort to increase quality awareness and specifically launched a program to drive down the number of defects in the Pershing missile to one half of the acceptable quality level in half a year's time.

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