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त्वरण सदिश
acceleration:    तेज़ी त्वरण
vector:    वेक्टर निश्चित
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  1. This is because the acceleration vector is perpendicular to the velocity vector.
  2. The derivative of your velocity, your acceleration vector, always points radially inward.
  3. Thus we compute the acceleration vector as:
  4. which expresses the gravitational acceleration vector as the gradient of W, the potential of gravity.
  5. Because the acceleration vector turns along with the velocity vector, they remain perpendicular to each other.
  6. The relative orientation of the acceleration vector to the crystal dramatically influences the crystal's vibration sensitivity.
  7. To study single particle motion in toroidally confined plasma devices, velocity and acceleration vectors must be known.
  8. (Single-phase ) thermosiphons can only transfer heat " upward ", or away from the acceleration vector.
  9. Some accelerometers use microelectromechanical systems ( MEMS ) capacitors etched on a chip to measure the magnitude and direction of the acceleration vector.
  10. Equivalently, the radial acceleration vector ( \ mathbf { a } ) may be calculated from the object's angular velocity \ omega:
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