acceleration unit meaning in Hindi

acceleration unit sentence in Hindi
गति वर्धन इकाई
acceleration:    तेज़ी त्वरण
unit:    इकाई एक एकक खण्ड
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  1. As part of the testing process in 1988, Derbyshire laboratory in the UK assisted the Oxford University radiocarbon acceleration unit by identifying foreign material removed from the samples before they were processed.
  2. You haven't defined your acceleration units; if we assume hours to be your time unit and kilometers to be your distance units, then your acceleration would be in units of km / hr 2.
  3. Independent software vendors ( ISV ), such as game developers, can use what is called a die TrueAudio DSPs provide a better " silicon area to computing power " ratio and " power consumption to computing power " ratio for audio processing than the CPU, effectively making it an audio acceleration unit.

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