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• शैक्षिक समिति
academic:    पंडित वैज्ञानिक
committee:    कमेटी पंचायत संसद
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  1. From 1962 to 1966, he was chairman of the institute's academic committee.
  2. Rabbi Jacobs served as Chairman of the Academic Committee for some years.
  3. Finally, a four-hour oral examination by K�hne s academic committee, proved her worthiness.
  4. Academic branches under the executive leadership committee include the Academic Committee.
  5. Curriculum reform and planning are carried out by the Academic Committee.
  6. He has served on numerous DoD, industry and academic committees.
  7. Harvard faculty members considered a plan like Dartmouth's, but it floundered in academic committees.
  8. He is a member of many academic committees and associations.
  9. A faculty academic committee reviewed his appeal on Thursday.
  10. He sits on a number of academic committees.
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