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शैक्षिक भवन
academic:    पंडित वैज्ञानिक
building:    कोठी घर निर्माण
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  1. There are six academic buildings on campus housing classrooms and faculty offices.
  2. There are 29 residence buildings on campus and 12 major academic buildings.
  3. The upper quad is the location of many of the academic buildings.
  4. The academic building received an expansion in 2011 that included new laboratories.
  5. It was essential to make a new academic building for the boys.
  6. All academic buildings are located in the southwestern sections of the campus.
  7. Academic buildings are connected by the net of more than 650 computers.
  8. The Chambers Building continues to be the primary academic building on campus.
  9. Academic buildings, social college and student dormitories are parts of campus area.
  10. The Reed College campus includes academic buildings, student centers and other buildings.
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