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• अतल समुद्र
• गहरा कुंड
• नरक कुंड
• रसातल
• वितल
• नर्क
• अगाध गर्त्त
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  1. Ford writes in the novella titled " Abysss ."
  2. Now there seem to be lots of littler brinks and local abysses.
  3. The abysses are caused by the formation of the Himalayas in the Cenozoic.
  4. There are more than 200 caves and underground abysses.
  5. This route, extremely steep and narrow, goes between big abysses and gullies.
  6. It is like some primeval music that wells up from the abysses of the soul . . ."
  7. From Yellowstone Park to the ocean's abysses, researchers are in hot pursuit of the universal ancestor.
  8. The icy road, mined on both sides, swerves over 500-foot-abysses and steep cliffs.
  9. The music scales dynamic peaks and dives into abysses and whirlpools, only to resolve into the next chorus.
  10. During that period infante published his first collection of poems : " Gray Abysses " ( 1967 ).
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