abyssal plain meaning in Hindi

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• वितल मैदान
• वितलीय मैदान
abyssal:    वितल अगाध अतल अथाह
plain:    मैदान रणभूमि लड़ाई
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  1. Oceanwards, beyond the edge of the rise, lies the abyssal plain.
  2. The Barents Abyssal Plain is located at the center of the Fram Basin.
  3. After the shelf the continental slope descends to abyssal plains at-deep.
  4. The abyssal plain is covered with soft sludge composed of dead organisms from above.
  5. The Sigsbee Abyssal Plain is the deepest and flattest sector of the deep basin.
  6. Despite the low density, there is a fairly diverse community living on the abyssal plain.
  7. This created the Biscay Abyssal Plain, and parted the Iberian plate from the Trevelyan Escarpment.
  8. Pilkey began his career with the study of abyssal plains on the deep sea floor.
  9. They are not generally found at abyssopelagic or hadopelagic depths or on the abyssal plain.
  10. The Iberian Abyssal Plain, off the west coast of Portugal and Spain, formed 126 Ma.
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