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  1. These are abstract entities of discourse, not concrete objects.
  2. They are not committed by abstract entities like nationalities.
  3. It is an abstract entity that is only depicted as a planet in the myth.
  4. The Fulcrum is an abstract entity served by the Eternals hang out in the afterlife.
  5. The new Euromann pedestrian lights are resented by some as an abstract entity imposed by a European bureaucracy.
  6. In this view, parts may be entities normally regarded as abstract entities, such as quantum states.
  7. I've often thought a way into the topic is to look at information as an abstract entity.
  8. As such, concepts exist in the mind as abstract entities which are independent of the terms used to label them.
  9. see also Internet Encycypedia of Philosophy " Propositions are abstract entities; they do not exist in space and time.
  10. From the radical realist's perspective, the connection between S and M is a connection between two abstract entities.

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