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  1. "fifth generation fighter features, such as internal weapons carriage and radar-absorbent material.
  2. For this purpose are made in absorbent materials such as cotton or plush.
  3. Graphite has been used in at least three radar absorbent materials.
  4. He set up a new research laboratory at radar absorbent material.
  5. Other methods involve absorption onto beads coated with an absorbent material and filtration.
  6. If it is, the absorbent material could be the intergalactic medium.
  7. High frequencies are passively shielded and damped by radar absorbent material.
  8. The absorbent material cleans the dipstick and the old oil drips into the well.
  9. If it is, the absorbent material could be intergalactic helium.
  10. Analysts have noted that the DSI reduces the need for application of radar-absorbent materials.
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  1. a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

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