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निरपेक्ष घनत्व
absolute:    परम सिद्धांत परम
density:    ऊटपटांग गाढ़ापन
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  1. Does this mean that absolute density is matter without space and if so what would matter then occupy?
  2. :Isn't the gravitational singularity in a black hole an example of " absolute density "?
  3. However frequency-dependent predation can occur even when the absolute density of the most profitable resource remains constant.
  4. Starting at the outskirts of the fovea, however, rods gradually appear, and the absolute density of cone receptors progressively decreases.
  5. By multiplying this value by the volume of a unit ball in 24 dimensions, \ tfrac { \ pi ^ { 12 } } { 12 ! }, one can derive its absolute density.
  6. In particular the contingency model predicts that in some circumstances the most profitable resource should be eaten at the expense of the less profitable resources, and that this decision is based on the absolute density of the most profitable type of resource.
  7. If you think of increasing density as simply the process of removing space then at some point you are faced with the dilemma of having to remove absolutely ALL space-in order to achieve absolute density . 16 : 01, 2 November 2006 ( UTC)
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