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• संक्रमित दाँत
abscessed:    फोड़ा विद्रधि व्रण
tooth:    दांत दांता स्वाद
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  1. A rotten or abscessed tooth can result in noxious mouth odors.
  2. He already was being treated for an abscessed tooth and asthma.
  3. Ingvall was also in great pain from an abscessed tooth.
  4. She talks a witch doctor out of killing a woman with an abscessed tooth.
  5. Briefly Reserve quarterback James Battle has missed the past week of practice with an abscessed tooth.
  6. She was temperamental, Schwartz reported, rude and evidently about as charming as Sam Donaldson with an abscessed tooth.
  7. She told her family that it was probably a side effect from the antibiotics she was taking for an abscessed tooth.
  8. For example, Ms . Henry once tried for days to get a woman with an abscessed tooth to see a dentist.
  9. But the race is over for Ingvall who, after receiving treatment for an abscessed tooth, decided to fly to Hobart.
  10. While she waits for shots in her mouth to take effect so an abscessed tooth can be pulled, she watches other kids.
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