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  1. Brucella abortus, B . melitensis, B . suis
  2. By virtue of this article, practices of abortus medisinalis may be performed.
  3. Viewed from the oath said by a doctor, abortus provocatus is categorized as foeticide.
  4. In the case of Indonesia, there are unwanted pregnancies which lead to abortus kriminalis.
  5. This type of abortion is conducted only by a doctor or it would be termed abortus kriminalis.
  6. As for abortus medisinalis, this is a medical act which also terminates the life of a fetus.
  7. He was chairman of the committee on Brucella abortus infection and on Johne's disease ( Paratuberculosis ).
  8. Admittedly, since abortus medisinalis is prohibited, many women go to traditional midwives or irresponsible persons to have an abortion.
  9. Brucellosis is caused by different biotypes of " Brucella abortus " and " rinderpest and ovine rinderpest viruses.
  10. In medical terminology, the termination of a pregnancy by ending the life of a fetus is called abortus or an abortion.
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