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• सामने रखना
• प्रमाण देना
• अपचालन करना
• निकालना
• उद्धृत करना
• हवाला देना
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  1. After investigating the ransacked lodgings, she abduces that the kidnappers were after a secret message hidden in Mrs . Tupper's old crinoline dress.
  2. For example, in a billiard game, after glancing and seeing the " eight " ball moving towards us, we may abduce that the cue ball struck the eight ball.
  3. Despite many possible explanations for any physical process that we observe, we tend to abduce a single explanation ( or a few explanations ) for this process in the expectation that we can better orient ourselves in our surroundings and disregard some possibilities.
  4. Before 1900, Peirce treated abduction as the use of a known rule to explain an observation, e . g ., it is a known rule that if it rains the grass is wet; so, to explain the fact that the grass is wet; one " abduces " that it has rained.
  5. The full expression for the conditionally abduced probability of infection in a tested person, expressed as p ( y \, \ overline { \ | } \, x ), given the outcome of the test, the base rate of the infection, as well as the test's sensitivity and false positive rate, is then given by


  1. advance evidence for

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