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वैस्‍टम‍िन्‍स्‍टर मठ
abbey:    कुटी गुरुद्वारा
of:    स् का की पर बाबत
westminster:    वेस्टमिन्स्टर
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  1. In 971, a charter gave the land in Teddington to the Abbey of Westminster.
  2. Easthampsted is mentioned as an entry in the Domesday book as land belonging to the abbey of Westminster St . Peter in the hundred of Ripplesmere.
  3. In 1154 1156, Westminster Abbey obtained a Papal bull from Pope Adrian IV which confirms a strong dependency of the priory of St Mary, Malvern, on the Abbey of Westminster.
  4. The land now called Bayswater belonged to the Abbey of Westminster when the Domesday Book was compiled; the most considerable tenant under the abbot was Bainiardus, probably the same Conqueror who gave his name to Baynard's Castle.
  5. As the writ only exists in a copy in a later cartulary, and the Abbey of Westminster is also known to have forged a number of other writs or charters, the writ is not a solid source for royal rolls being kept as early as 1110.
  6. Sulcard's " Prologus de Construccione Westmonasterii ", written c . 1085, makes use of the work too, and it is this that enables historians to theorise that a copy of the " Vita �dwardi Regis " was at the Abbey of Westminster by this date.
  7. But though Henry was bent upon his divorce, he could attend to minor matters; for in September 1531 he negotiated an exchange with the abbey of Westminster of sundry tenements reaching as far as Charing Cross, for which he gave them the site of the convent of Poghley, Berkshire, one of the lesser monasteries, dissolved by Wolsey, which had become forfeited to the crown.
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