a bright spark meaning in Hindi

a bright spark sentence in Hindi
a:    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
bright:    स्पष्ट रूप से
spark:    लेश सजीवता स्नेही
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  1. Kelvin is a bright spark and full of initiative.
  2. A bright spark decided the old benches could be sold, not as memorabilia but as firewood.
  3. Comedy was definitely what Truus did best-and she was a bright spark in often uninspired films.
  4. A bright spark for the team was star American guard 1989, they withdrew again and ceased operations.
  5. Loville did not reach the end zone on a run wide left . It was a bright spark for the Colts.
  6. I'll never have to drink cold coffee again, " a bright spark runs up and shouts into the microphone.
  7. Karen Nussbaum, a bright spark from Robert Reich's Labor Department, has been hired to bring more women into the fold.
  8. For King, who lives near Bangor, Maine, and is already the author of 30 novels and a half-dozen story collections, the idea " struck a bright spark in my imagination ."
  9. How about glint, glisten, sparkle, or even better, scintillate, pronounced sintillate-a scintilla is the Latin for a spark, so if you are a bright spark yourself, put a thesaurus on your shelf!
  10. For all his deviousness Malagurski is quite a bright spark and nimble on his feet in his combativeness whereas UrbanVillager is a plodder, and User : Cin�ma C is rather similar, so my guess is that they're ( possibly Global Research ) proxies rather than direct incarnations of Malagurski.

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