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  1. When the mine closed the enormous workings were left as a blot on the landscape of the Troodos.
  2. We love them now, but there was great opposition to the Dutch windmills as blots on the landscapes, intrusions.
  3. Depending on who is talking, the results would be either a blot on the landscape or a significant step toward clean power and energy independence.
  4. Although the villages or " ghost towns " and the former gold mines are a blot on the landscape, they are a big attraction and there have even been concerts hosted at the site of the former gold mine.
  5. The 2010 survey also showed that 52 % disagreed with the statement that wind farms are " ugly and a blot on the landscape " . 59 % agreed that wind farms were necessary and that how they looked was unimportant.
  6. I would not like this article to be a blot on the landscape of Wikipedia's high quality of medical coverage, if it was generally felt that the type of medical research in progress covered by this list ought not to be included in Wikipedia.
  7. Vince appeared twice on TV as a pottery expert on the Channel 4 program, " Time Team " : in series 7, episode 10 ( " Sutton, Hereford " ) and series 10, episode 11 ( " Not a Blot on the Landscape, Castle Howard, Yorkshire " ).

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