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• एक पंक्ति
indian:    भारत वासी
file:    लिखित पत्र चिठ्ठी
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  1. Overseas Indians file more patents in their country of residence than in India.
  2. Seeking to regain federal recognition, the Brothertown Indians filed a documented petition in 2005.
  3. In 2006, some 600 Ramapough Indians filed a mass tort claim against Ford for damages.
  4. The National Congress of American Indians filed an " amicus curiae " brief supporting the tribe.
  5. The Cochiti Pueblo Indians filed a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the inundation of their lands, winning the suit.
  6. The conflict _ dating from 1887 _ escalated into a lawsuit that the Indians filed against the Department of Interior in June 1996.
  7. The Miami Indians filed a motion to dismiss the case outright in U . S . District Court, and Judge J . Phil Gilbert agreed.
  8. We followed a trail up the hill onto a wooded ridge, then along it silently, cautiously, Indian file, and stopped frequently to listen for human sounds.
  9. These monies were not used for the purported purpose, nor were they returned to contributors, and many Indians filed protests with the federal government and with tribal elders.
  10. The authorities with the intention of gaining time delivering a car and the men prepared to leave, covered their faces with improvised hoods and ordered the women in Indian file.
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