federal reserve note meaning in Hindi

federal reserve note sentence in Hindi
• नोट
federal:    केंद्रीय शासन से
reserve:    सावधानी रिज़र्व
note:    शब्द छोटी चिठ्ठी
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  1. It first appeared on the $ 1 Federal Reserve note in 1964.
  2. Federal Reserve Notes were issued for the first time in 1917.
  3. RESPONSE : Courts have upheld Federal Reserve notes as legal tender.
  4. Is it worth more than a $ 1 Federal Reserve note?
  5. "Since then, we've printed only the Federal Reserve notes ."
  6. The Treasury began removing silver certificates from circulation, replacing them with Federal Reserve Notes.
  7. Federal Reserve notes, on average, remain in circulation for the following periods of time:
  8. Then, in 1968, redemption of pre-1963 Federal Reserve notes for gold or silver officially ended.
  9. Congress created Federal Reserve notes to provide the nation with an elastic supply of currency.
  10. The most common large-sized notes are the Federal Reserve Notes of Series 1914 and 1918.
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